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Shadows of Reality

from by Daemon Lost



Each element takes infinite forms, from a drop to the sea. They configure Reality, and the essence is One.
Viral impulse is on the spiral’s edge
Repeating mistakes will carry you away.
The apparent change is there to confuse, proves it’s all an illusion, a distraction that the mind has to transcend.

Perfect synchrony
Is set in all the Universe
Find it in your heart

Trust me, violence and kindness are just two sides of the same coin. One is full of the Source, the other is not.
Forever we go struggling to evolve. Creating your fate is your only escape.
Your mind decodes what your senses feel, but it can act in reverse too. So you can fight sickness by just being aware.

Sacred geometry
Is found throughout
the Universe,
Evil cannot escape

It looks rather unlikely that Humanity will ever leave their violent ways,
maybe it’s time for us to take over…


Dark forces stay
Trying to determine how we act
There is one last power:
Return to the Source

Violence works in mysterious ways


from When Violence is your Guide, released March 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Daemon Lost Buenos Aires, Argentina

Symphonic metalcore band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ludmila Disa - vocals;
Martín Boianelli - guitars;
Ezequiel Remus - drums:
Damián Fiorentini - keyboard;
Esteban Aquino - bass
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