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When Violence is your Guide

by Daemon Lost

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Jorge Reyes
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Jorge Reyes La escena Metal argentina dice presente y con gran valor. Especialmente con bandas como Daemon Lost.
Un sonido firme y potente que respalda a una muy expresiva voz. Un concepto sólido y atrapante.
Hay que apoyar, gente! Todos los éxitos, DL! Favorite track: When Violence is your Guide.
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released March 30, 2015

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Official Website: www.DaemonLost.com.ar
Official Facebook Fanpage: www.facebook.com/DaemonLost
Channel: youtube.com/user/daemonlostband

Dæmon Lost is:
Ludmila Disa - vocals
Ezequiel Remus - drums
Leandro Arteaga - bass
Martín Boianelli - guitar
Damián Fiorentini - keys

All original music composed by Martín Boianelli and arranged by Dæmon Lost. Lyrics, artwork and graphic design by Ludmila Disa. Band photo in track #11 by Lorena Morales.

Produced by Dæmon Lost. Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2014 at La Nave de Oseberg studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Drum doctor: Nicolás Polo.

Guest musicians: Leonardo M. Fuster (growls, choirs); Pamela Mastrangelo (choirs and operatic solo in track #3); Christian Trappani (spoken voices in tracks #6, #8, #10)



all rights reserved


Daemon Lost Buenos Aires, Argentina

Symphonic metalcore band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ludmila Disa - vocals;
Martín Boianelli - guitars;
Ezequiel Remus - drums:
Damián Fiorentini - keyboard;
Esteban Aquino - bass
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Track Name: Symphony of Choice
"I see a black world sinking, violent forces taking over.
A dreadful end, a daimôn lost in obscurity.
But I see a bright future too, an opportunity.
The gates of change are finally open...
but, what will you choose?"
Track Name: Deviate from Obsession
All are blunt edges cause your cuts are deeper, they reach the bone and the soul. Thinkin’ of who’s in charge while you sway between limits. Your mind belongs to Her. Isolated by herself, hating company and loneliness…

All the scars never made
You know the hurt was subtle
It hides deep within yourself
pursuit of fulfillment

Deep-rooted hurt to her confidence, suppressing daily moments.
Running to hideaways of absent memories, depression, secrets…
Gaining woundless bruises, seek high control

And the lies
Make you lose your power
So you lose control
Only heaven knows your hell

She turns hunger into a lifestyle, nutrition into dirt
Planning good solutions while desiring her own failure
Track Name: Thanatos
There’s always a reason to fall if the heart is angry, the mind obsessed…
What survives generations is this desire to destroy, mutilate, self-demonstration.

The final battle yet to come
Thanatos is pushing forward

Every man feels this urge to die for blood
Proud of their weapons, they destroy to create Chaos and Terror
There’ll be no more grief or tears, no-one to feel this

Blind killers search for vain revenge
Brainwashed by dark minds

This is how Humanity ends, murders itself
Impulse taking over Man’s heart
Track Name: Beyond Torture
May I be the void of the place never seen?
Where chaos is pragmatic, and colours fade…
The side incomplete, where the vacuum is full
This nowhere, this unclassified state of mind…
It sends shivers down my spine, drowning my hope.

But I still wonder
how much longer
it will take to give
an end to the hurt?

Pain is not what I feel now, that state is gone
Though now I’m still under torture, I’m beyond torture
There’s no time no space inside of my mind. It feels like there’s no air in between us

And I still wonder
how much longer
it will take for the torture to finish?
to get away at last, of this hell!

Stand tall against the wall
We won’t give up the fight
Death calls but you don’t hear
’Cause you are strong enough to command in here

You know you are the only one. Grief not for anyone for we will stay strong fighting against and among those who are really lost.
Cause we are that lost

And I still wonder
how much longer?
I know you still can bring me down
I know you still can destroy me!

It’s been a burden for much too long
It’s been hard to stay alive with no reason
When you cannot take it no more
Try to stay alive without a reason
Track Name: Persistance of Thought
Those who persist, resist.
Track Name: Shadows of Reality
Each element takes infinite forms, from a drop to the sea. They configure Reality, and the essence is One.
Viral impulse is on the spiral’s edge
Repeating mistakes will carry you away.
The apparent change is there to confuse, proves it’s all an illusion, a distraction that the mind has to transcend.

Perfect synchrony
Is set in all the Universe
Find it in your heart

Trust me, violence and kindness are just two sides of the same coin. One is full of the Source, the other is not.
Forever we go struggling to evolve. Creating your fate is your only escape.
Your mind decodes what your senses feel, but it can act in reverse too. So you can fight sickness by just being aware.

Sacred geometry
Is found throughout
the Universe,
Evil cannot escape

It looks rather unlikely that Humanity will ever leave their violent ways,
maybe it’s time for us to take over…


Dark forces stay
Trying to determine how we act
There is one last power:
Return to the Source

Violence works in mysterious ways
Track Name: Consequence
Can I speak my mind? Can I say what I’ve never said? First I thought you were just a little distant, but now I realize: there was no interest at all. Ignoring this boy caused much more than we could ever see.

How couldn’t I see?
Ignoring was more than indifference for him,
It just killed his self-esteem.

As a boy he tried to catch your attention, now he’s living hell to impress you. He’s trying to become what you want him to be, even if it hurts. Is this what you want? A shadow of yourself? Or is it something I didn’t do?

This is not what it was supposed to be… all is helpless, he is done, will never forgive. Where’s my dream of a loving family? Could we even make it? We had it all, but you couldn’t let it happen…

How couldn’t I see?
Ignoring was more than indifference for him,
It just killed his self-esteem
Track Name: When Violence is your Guide
There is something I’m aware of,
some’ you can understand not:
the reason it stays for now.
It’s the coldest of them all,
from all melodies unsung:
I‘m older than my scars.

Fighting to make the great escape

How much do you hate yourself?
Do you hate yourself? How bad?
I am who’s there to stop,
To say “it’s enough” Is it, now?

Getting up but falling down.
Feeling trapped in the outside.
What’s left of me fades out.
Never knew it would make me gone,
panic at what is not solved.
Striving to forget the hurt

Feeling there is no real escape

How much do you hate yourself?
Do you hate yourself? How bad?
I am who’s there to stop,
To say “it’s enough”.
Is it, now?

Some do hit the ground, but some just can’t fall down… and forever and ever regret their desire for harm… ‘cause what you deny... It comes back, time after time till Violence is your Guide!

How much do you hate yourself?
Do you hate yourself? How bad?
I am who’s there to stop,
To say “it’s enough”.
Is it, now?



"I can’t believe how you came to this, being that life is simple when words are actions. Whether good or bad, they are choices. I try to understand but fail... Simple, complex, it’s all the same. Consciousness helps you tell right from wrong. Don’t be deceived by the outside world, because the truth is: the answers lie within."
Track Name: Your Sacrifice
Tale speaks of loss where the wind starts to blow,
Where the tide freezes and stars gleam no more.
I say it’s you who’s behind every door, every sigh of my soul.
For you were the one I would always trust..
But you decided to go like the birds respond to the season’s call.

Frozen by your Sacrifice
The choice you made for us
Sleepless I stand by your side
Though we are far apart,
Apart and far...
Frozen by your Sacrifice
The choice that no one will know

Tale speaks of love where the leaves start to grow,
Where soothing rain falls unseen..
I say it’s you who could lighten my world, bring joy again,
For my fortress you broke, unleashed my love...
’Til you had to go, and no-one knows, no one knows why!

Frozen by your Sacrifice
The choice you made for us
Sleepless I stand by your side
Though we are far apart,
Apart and far...
Frozen by your Sacrifice
The choice that no one will know

And forever we will wander in the wild...
Track Name: The Final Struggle
The street’s black ocean of blind men, its waves of wrath and tension, they feel like stones, they feel like stings, they feel like overdose in my head.
It comes to a point where you lose your reasons, where your motives disappear. When human nature will finally be debased, it’s time for us to change it.

A responsible and stable society can never be erected upon the moulding pillars of selfishness!

Now it’s the time for your death, cause you can’t resist no more all the hate inside you. Go to rest. Oh! Rage will spread and then kill all the loved ones of your life. Don’t deny it’s your fault once the fire starts to burn.

This is the final struggle of two forces
That are ready to collide,
collide and reunite as one.
There’s a kind of recovery for you
But it requires, requires surrender…

Since they know nothing about purpose or meaning they just wander in blindness. Then some black hands show up and get to their limbs, reaching their insides, killing their thoughts!
Night after night the void gets deeper, your fears reappear. Polarized, the pendulum swings from side to side...

This is the final struggle of two forces
That are ready to collide,
collide and reunite as one.
Here we are stopping the pendulum
for Innocence will...
will always stay alive and free!
Track Name: Eager
Yes, I dare to leave it all behind whenever the time comes. Years of yearning dying out… The need for an answer is growing bigger, much bigger now. The day has to come! Real contact away in time. Are you still there? Will you show up?
Say you’re responsible for all this

Calling for help, shouting for air
Can you take us far?
Reveal what you’ve been hiding
We deserve to know

Lift me from the Earth. Help me leave this soil. This maze of ignorance and fairy-tales. I’m begging to you, lift us now! Many lives are waiting for knowledge, the origin’s truth, what’s lost. Confrontation I want, will it ever come?

So eager to explore the vastness,
To be sure you’re still there.
We should encounter our past
Truth hides from view

Hiding something so vital
You’re blinding us.
Violent silence, myths and secrets
Compounds our past.

Concealed, lost, forgotten, the truth beyond...